For Initiative Managers

Initiative managers can end up wearing many hats in their roles as intermediaries – confidential sounding board for both funders and nonprofits, educator around the different forms and functions of sustained collaborations, provider of advice (drawn from a bench of experience of observing sustained collaborations), and outreach to raise awareness around the opportunity and value present in sustained collaboration. While experience has proven to be the best teacher in these roles, the resources below may be useful in navigating sustained collaborations as an initiative manager.

Tools and Templates


Application Model

This application model serves as an example of how an initiative manager shares information about the grantmaking process.


Grant Application

These grant applications are samples used by SCN members and can be adapted for use as an application for the local initiative.


Grant Evaluation Rubric

This evaluation rubric is an example of some of the criteria which inform an initiative manager’s grant recommendations.


Grant Recommendations

These templates can be adapted for use as a grant recommendation for the local initiative’s funders.


Grant Agreement Template

This template can be adapted for use as a grant agreement between the nonprofit grantees and the local initiative.


Evaluation Instruments

These common evaluation instruments, developed jointly by the founding SCN members, are used in all the SCN member geographies to measure awareness and effectiveness of sustained collaborations in their communities.


Evaluative Dashboard

This dashboard can be used individually or in tandem with other initiatives to track key metrics for a local initiative.


Sample Collateral Materials

These sample publicity materials, provided by current initiatives, are distributed to bring awareness to the funds’ work.

Background Reading

Collaborative Map

Merging Wisely

Shared Space Survey

News & Events

Nadya K. Shmavonian, Director of the Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund, was a panelist in BoardSource’s “Mergers and Dissolutions” webinar on April 28, 2020.

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